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What institutions currently write research on Wincanton?
Currently, RBC, Liberum, Cantor Fitzgerald, Investec Securities and Numis Securities issue research on Wincanton.

How do I obtain copies of each of these research documents?
They are all “subscription” only research. To obtain a copy we advise you contact the individual firms’ sales teams for assistance.

What is Wincanton's financial year?
Wincanton's financial year ends March 31st

What is Wincanton's registered address?
Methuen Park, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 0WT

Who are Wincanton's UK registrars?
Computershare Investor Services PLC
The Pavilions
Bridgwater Road
BS99 6ZZ
Telephone: 0870 702 0000
Fax: 0870 703 6101
TextPhone: 0870 702 0005
Web Queries: www.investorcentre.co.uk/contactus

Who do I notify if I have changed my name and address?
The registrars

Who do I contact or request information on Wincanton?
Via our Investor relations contacts page. You can also view and / or download a copy of the Annual Report and Accounts.

When does the company report financial results?
Please see the financial calendar for specific dates.

When is the next Annual General Meeting?
Please see the financial calendar for specific dates.

Should I attend the Annual General Meeting?
Individual shareholders are encouraged to support the company; attending the AGM is one way of doing this.

In which sector are the company's shared listed?

What is Wincanton's share symbol / stock ticker?
Wincanton is listed on the LSE under the symbol "WIN".

How many shares are in issue?

Who are your house brokers?
Numis Securities

Has the company had any capital reorganisations?

Who are your biggest shareholders?
Our major shareholders can be found on this website.

Does that company have any shareholder concessions?
No, shareholder concessions are not considered appropriate or relevant for a business such as Wincanton that does not provide a service directly to the general public.

How do I calculate the base cost for my Wincanton shares for Capital Gains Tax purposes?
A note setting out the calculation of base cost for those shareholders who were previously shareholders in Uniq plc, is included in the following press release: Information on base cost of Wincanton shares for Capital Gains Tax purposes. 

How do I manage tax vouchers and dividend payments?
For copies of tax vouchers and to receive future dividend payments directly into your bank or building society please contact the registrar.

How do I confirm the number of shares that I hold?
Speak to the registrars or register on-line to use the web based shareholder service.

What should I do if I lose my share certificate?
Contact the registrars in the first instance.

Where should shareholders direct stock administrative questions?
To the registrars

What do I need to do if I wish to transfer my shares to someone else?
The shares are freely transferable; speak to your personal advisor or broker.

What is company dividend policy?
Final dividends must be approved by shareholders but cannot be more than the amount recommended by directors. The final dividend of 5.5p per ordinary share in respect of the financial year 31 March 2016, approved by shareholders at the AGM on 21 July 2016, will be paid in cash (sterling) on 5 Aug 2016 to shareholders on the Company’s register of members at the close of business on the dividend record date, 8 July 2016. In recommending the dividend the Board considered a range of factors, including the Group‘s strategy (including downside sensitivities), the Group’s net debt position, the current and projected level of distributable reserves and projected cash flows.

It is anticipated that in future years, the interim and final dividend split will be broadly one-third / two-thirds. The Board’s intention is to adopt a progressive dividend policy, with annual dividend growth broadly matched with growth in underlying earnings.

The policy is laid out in the Annual Report and Accounts. You can view the HTML version in the Reports and Presentations section of the website, download the pdf or contact the Company Secretary.

What are Wincanton's main areas of business / what is Wincanton's core business?Wincanton’s main area of business is to provide supply chain solutions, including transport, warehousing and expert services, to customers in a range of market sectors. We provide contract logistics solutions to customers across a range of market sectors. Our services extend from setting up and operating distribution services to the provision of bonded warehouses and technology hosting. Click here to know more

What is the company's strategy?
Wincanton’s strategy is to focus on the UK and Ireland market, where we have a proven track record, significant opportunities for growth and a broad range of services. Our objective is to continue to build on our core competences in the design, implementation and management of supply chain solutions and to offer specialist services such as fleet management, vehicle maintenance and container logistics. We aim to further strengthen our leadership position in markets such as retail, construction, defence and containers and further develop our warehousing and transport solutions. We will focus on developing broader supply chain services to help customers meet the challenges of multichannel retailing by combining our expertise in leveraging market-leading systems with our proven expertise in operations and processes. Click here to know more

Why has Wincanton disposed of its record management business?
The disposal realised material value for the Group and enhanced the focus on the Group’s existing logistics operations.

How many people does the company employ?